# werkstatt # 101% free music

* tahsr [----- no concept, just free flow debate... (jul 2002)
* ambient tapes [----- 4-track cassette tape ambient recordings. (dec 2001)
* no hyphen [----- chopped electronic beats meet a frequency range of 20-20.000hz. (oct-nov 2001)
* f.b. [----- occured by accident. made up randomly by a randomizer... (nov 2001)
* the original typewriter [----- trip hop: if you have to take a long walk it makes you get there quicker. (oct 2001)

All songs are copyrighted by Stefan Sperling.

# This is free music #
All songs are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

Sharing songs helps musicians! The author strongly objects to current copyright regulations and does not wish to be part of it.
Please do _not_ pay any performance right organisations (such as GEMA) for using this music for any purpose.

Creative Commons - some rights reserved. Kopimi