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Part III. Appendices

Table of Contents

A. Subversion Quick-Start Guide
Installing Subversion
High-Speed Tutorial
B. Subversion for CVS Users
Revision Numbers Are Different Now
Directory Versions
More Disconnected Operations
Distinction Between Status and Update
Branches and Tags
Metadata Properties
Conflict Resolution
Binary Files and Translation
Versioned Modules
Converting a Repository from CVS to Subversion
C. WebDAV and Autoversioning
What Is WebDAV?
Client Interoperability
Standalone WebDAV Applications
Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, Photoshop
cadaver, DAV Explorer
File-Explorer WebDAV Extensions
Microsoft Web Folders
Nautilus, Konqueror
WebDAV Filesystem Implementation
WebDrive, NetDrive
Mac OS X
Linux davfs2
D. The Berkeley DB Legacy Filesystem
Configuring Your Berkeley DB Environment
Limitations of Berkeley DB
Architectural Limitations
Network Share Deployment
Fault Tolerance and the Need for Recovery
Maintaining Berkeley DB Repositories
Berkeley DB Recovery
Purging unused Berkeley DB logfiles
Berkeley DB Utilities