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svn changelist (cl) — Associate (or deassociate) local paths with a changelist.


changelist CLNAME TARGET...

changelist --remove TARGET...


Used for dividing files in a working copy into a changelist (logical named grouping) in order to allow users to easily work on multiple file collections within a single working copy.



Edit three files, add them to a changelist, then commit only files in that changelist:

$ svn changelist issue1729 foo.c bar.c baz.c
A [issue1729] foo.c
A [issue1729] bar.c
A [issue1729] baz.c
$ svn status
A       someotherfile.c
A       test/sometest.c

--- Changelist 'issue1729':
A       foo.c
A       bar.c
A       baz.c
$ svn commit --changelist issue1729 -m "Fixing Issue 1729."
Adding         bar.c
Adding         baz.c
Adding         foo.c
Transmitting file data ...
Committed revision 2.
$ svn status
A       someotherfile.c
A       test/sometest.c

Note that in the previous example, only the files in changelist issue1729 were committed.