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svn list (ls) — List directory entries in the repository.


svn list [TARGET[@REV]...]


List each TARGET file and the contents of each TARGET directory as they exist in the repository. If TARGET is a working copy path, the corresponding repository URL will be used.

The default TARGET is ., meaning the repository URL of the current working copy directory.

With --verbose (-v), svn list shows the following fields for each item:

  • Revision number of the last commit

  • Author of the last commit

  • If locked, the letter O (see the preceding section on svn info for details).

  • Size (in bytes)

  • Date and time of the last commit

With --xml, output is in XML format (with a header and an enclosing document element unless --incremental is also specified). All of the information is present; the --verbose (-v) option is not accepted.



svn list is most useful if you want to see what files a repository has without downloading a working copy:

$ svn list

You can pass the --verbose (-v) option for additional information, rather like the Unix command ls -l:

$ svn list -v file:///var/svn/repos
     16 sally         28361 Jan 16 23:18 README.txt
     27 sally             0 Jan 18 15:27 INSTALL
     24 harry               Jan 18 11:27 examples/

You can also get svn list output in XML format with the --xml option:

$ svn list --xml
<?xml version="1.0"?>

For further details, see the earlier section the section called “Listing versioned directories”.