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svn resolved — Deprecated. Remove conflicted state on working copy files or directories.


svn resolved PATH...


This command has been deprecated in favor of running svn resolve --accept working PATH. See svn resolve in the preceding section for details.

Remove conflicted state on working copy files or directories. This routine does not semantically resolve conflict markers; it merely removes conflict-related artifact files and allows PATH to be committed again; that is, it tells Subversion that the conflicts have been resolved. See the section called “Resolve Any Conflicts” for an in-depth look at resolving conflicts.



If you get a conflict on an update, your working copy will sprout three new files:

$ svn update
Updating '.':
C    foo.c
Updated to revision 31.
Summary of conflicts:
  Text conflicts: 1
$ ls foo.c*

Once you've resolved the conflict and foo.c is ready to be committed, run svn resolved to let your working copy know you've taken care of everything.

[Warning] Warning

You can just remove the conflict files and commit, but svn resolved fixes up some bookkeeping data in the working copy administrative area in addition to removing the conflict files, so we recommend that you use this command.