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svn upgrade — Upgrade the metadata storage format for a working copy.


svn upgrade [PATH...]


As new versions of Subversion are released, the format used for the working copy metadata changes to accomodate new features or fix bugs. Older versions of Subversion would automatically upgrade working copies to the new format the first time the working copy was used by the new version of the software. Beginning with Subversion 1.7, working copy upgrades must be explicitly performed at the user's request. svn upgrade is the subcommand used to trigger that upgrade process.



If you attempt to use Subversion 1.7 on a working copy created with an older version of Subversion, you will see an error:

$ svn status
svn: E155036: Please see the 'svn upgrade' command
svn: E155036: Working copy '/home/sally/project' is too old (format 10, create
d by Subversion 1.6)

Use the svn upgrade command to upgrade the working copy to the most recent metadata format supported by your version of Subversion.

$ svn upgrade
Upgraded '.'
Upgraded 'A'
Upgraded 'A/B'
Upgraded 'A/B/E'
Upgraded 'A/B/F'
Upgraded 'A/C'
Upgraded 'A/D'
Upgraded 'A/D/G'
Upgraded 'A/D/H'
$ svn status
D       A/B/E/alpha
M       A/D/gamma
A       A/newfile

Notice that svn upgrade preserved the local modifications present in the working copy at the time of the upgrade, which were introduced by the version of Subversion previously used to manipulate this working copy.

[Warning] Warning

As was the case with automatically upgraded working copies in the past, explicitly upgraded working copies will be unusable by older versions of Subversion, too.