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svnsync copy-revprops — Copy all revision properties for a particular revision (or range of revisions) from the source repository to the mirror repository.


svnsync copy-revprops DEST_URL [SOURCE_URL]

svnsync copy-revprops DEST_URL REV[:REV2]


Because Subversion revision properties can be changed at any time, it's possible that the properties for some revision might be changed after that revision has already been synchronized to another repository. Because the svnsync synchronize command operates only on the range of revisions that have not yet been synchronized, it won't notice a revision property change outside that range. Left as is, this causes a deviation in the values of that revision's properties between the source and mirror repositories. svnsync copy-revprops is the answer to this problem. Use it to resynchronize the revision properties for a particular revision or range of revisions.

When SOURCE_URL is provided, svnsync will use it as the repository URL which the destination repository is mirroring. Generally, SOURCE_URL will be exactly the same source URL as was used with the svnsync initialize command when the mirror was first set up. You may choose, however, to omit SOURCE_URL, in which case svnsync will consult the mirror repository's records to determine the source URL which should be used.

[Warning] Warning

We strongly recommend that you specify the source URL on the command-line, especially when untrusted users have write access to the revision 0 properties which svnsync uses to coordinate its efforts.



Resynchronize the revision properties associated with a single revision (r6):

$ svnsync copy-revprops -r 6 file:///var/svn/repos-mirror \
Copied properties for revision 6.