All of this music is at least freely re-distributable. You can also use much of this as a basis for your own songs. Check the license or copyright note on each particular page.

Werkstatt, electronic music I created during the years 2000-2002.

Calamari Fritti, a "summer music" project by Luka (dubbed "Calamari") and myself (dubbed "Fritti"). We did not record as many of our ideas as we would have liked to.

Taquirikushunchi, Luka experimenting with making music with his computer. I wasn't really involved, except for showing him the basics of using the Jeskola Buzz program. The song is very nice so I kept it.

Two albums recorded by Caspar de Gelmini back when were both young and silly. Real gems!

Teebaibah, two drum-n-bass songs I made together with Jeff. We made up the project's name with the help of pwgen.